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    Default mobile antenna (police scanner)

    Hoping someone who knows a lot about scanners and antennas can give me a hand here.

    Ive got a Radio Shack Pro-2096 scanner. Im using it to pick up digital and analog signals, moto and edacs. Mainly a moto type2 snartzone on 140-150mhz freq's.

    i already own a 22" radio shack scanner antenna (rs part# 20-011)

    and im considering buying the KS3

    if i use the rs one its gonna have to be mounted at about a 45 degree angle flush with my rear window.

    the ks3 would be mounted at 90 degrees right on the trunk.

    im not sure what would work better? any ideas?

    also, does anyone know how it would affect performance if i were to cut the RS one from 22" down to 12-14"?

    thanks a lot,


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    I would not cut an antenna, leave it the way you found it.

    Radio shack antennas are usually not very stable on highway speeds but if you are scanning in the 140-150Mhz range a 22'' antenna sounds about right.

    Taller antennas are better for lower frequencies and shorter, for higher.

    It doesn't say how tall the KS3 is, but it does cover the range that you want to scan.

    Do you feel the RS antenna is picking up what you want? If not, then buy a new antenna.

    Take a look at this one, it's comparable to the KS3 but half the price. This is what I use and I can definitely recommend it. Valor has a pretty good name for scanner antennas.

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    antenna length is much more important when transmitting than when recieving.

    my CB radio antenna (tuned for transmitting in the 27 Mhz Range) receives shortwave, VHF, UHF, 800 Mhz no problem - in fact, it recieves those bands very well.



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