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    Default best scanner for my price range

    I am thinking about buying a scanner to pick up cops and such. the problem is i need a scanner that has the LTR trunking option. i dont know a whole lot about trunking so i was hoping some one can help me out. I was loking at some scanners at radio shack and the salesman told me that i wouldnt be able to use the less expensive one because it does not have the LTR option and i live in an LTR tunk based county (hopkins co. KY). is there software that can change this? i dont want to spend more then 150 dollars so what should i do? please help


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    Radio Shack Pro-97. It will scan what you want and it's a great starter scanner

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    According to this

    There is a single LTR system, which is a business one.

    The Public Safety stuff for that county appears to be all conventional, meaning you wouldn't need a trunking scanner.

    While the Pro97 is a good scanner (I have one in my collection), you might want to get a confirmation by registering and posting a question here

    The KBI and KSP appear to be using a APCO P25 digital CONVENTIONAL system according to this

    The Pro97 would NOT work, as it only picks up analog and not digital signals. You'd need to get a Pro96 Pro2096 or a Uniden scanner that picks up digital signals(BCD996T or 396T) I have a Pro96 and a BCD996T as well.

    So if the Radio Shack person said LTR, I think they were wrong. It won't be the first time.




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