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    Default Scanners, hand held VS desk top

    I,m after an easily conceilable scanner for my motorcycle.(to be connected in to my motorcycle communication system). What are the pros and cons of the hand held versus desk top types. I only want to here what the highway patrol/ speed camera/radar operators are up to in my area, maybe 20 miles or so. Is a simple cheap hand held unit OK.

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    get like a handheld scanner...the Uniden 246t is pretty small

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    First use resources such as to figure out what systems and bands are being used in your area.

    Most desktop have handheld versions with the same functionality. For this reason since you are using a bike I recommend a handheld unit for obvious reasons of size.

    A simple cheap handheld unit is okay as long as it has the features and supports the bands you need.

    Some things to look out for and check in your area:

    Systems are either "Conventional" or "Trunk Tracked".
    Within these two types they can be either "Analog" or "Digital"

    If your system is digital, the scanner is going to cost you close to $500. Most systems these days are still analog, however.



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