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    I have this scanner, but have not used it for a few years. From what I recall, it never seemed to work too well, and I think that it needs some maint. Does Uniden still work on these? Is it ever worth it...I mean, if it was in tip top shape, would it do any good (in OH).


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    In fact I have heard that the BCT12 works best in Ohio from jim.

    AFAIK there is no way to update the bearcat frequencies, but it has never worked too well for me. I have the BCT15 now which has the most updated frequencies for the bearcat warning system and it still doesnt help very much here in MA. I've only found one statie ever with it.

    The BCT12 was an excellent concept, but the idea failed because Uniden doesnt allow users to update the frequencies.

    CB is a much better route.

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    Yep, it still works in Ohio, as of last year. One one trip back to MI, (I-80) it went of four times and each time there was a cop. But in all cases, they happened top be on the other side of the divided highway

    Doesn't work in MI anymore though...



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