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    Default BCT-12 Operation Question

    I drive an NSX and a lot of folks seem to like having a BCT-12 in combination with either a V-1 or a Bel RX65 (I went with the Bel after reading about both of them here).

    Next, I just purchased a BCT-12 on EBay. I'm trying to decide if it's working correctly or not. It runs the start up routine as described and doesn't indicate any problems.

    I live near Arcade, GA- a known speed trap with a lot of police communication. When I set the unit mode on either LP or HL it picks up their coms. then displays LP, but as soon as they stop talking, the unit continues to display LP and doesn't revert to GA display, which would indicate it's back in scan mode according to the manual. Also, when it "locks up" like this, I hear the bird calls and the squelch ceases to operate, e.g I should be able to reduce squelch until the GA logo appears again and scanning resumes.

    If I punch the Hold twice, GA displays again, squelch control is resumed, it finds an active band again, LP is displayed and it picks up the coms., then they stop talking and I'm back to bird sounds until I punch Hold again.

    So is this unit bad or am I missing something? Anyone have any ideas how to remedy this? Should I try and return it?


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    What kind of antenna are you using, and if you use the duckie it comes with, which way do you have it pointed. I ask this because when I first got mine from ebay I had some issues, but it was just me. If you have your squelch set too high you will get problems like that. Try locking out when you get a silent LP on the BCT-12.



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