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    Default Anyone know how to make a rechargable battery pack?

    I have a Uniden 296D and the battery pack is as follows.

    Model BP-250
    Nicke-Metal Hydride
    DC - 4.8 V 1500 mAh

    I looked on Uniden's site and they want $15.00 for 1500mAh new pack.

    I looked at and they want $24.95 for a 1600mAh pack

    My question is can I make my own battery pack using Energizer Rechargable Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries?

    The size the pack is right now is 4 AA's

    Could I just tape 4 AA's together and use the 2 end parts and the connecter wires and make my own new battery pack?
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    Go to Batteries Plus. I checked their website and there is one in O'Fallon. Take your old pack and they can build you a new one. They rebuilt my bicycle headlight system for less than half of a new battery pack from the manufacturer.



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