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    Since CB's are effective on the interstate and truckers use them to report cops along the way and other stuff. How about off the interstate we use FRS walkie talky radios for basically the same thing. Because normally CB's dont give you much info on non interstate roads because most trucking is done on the interstate. Unless your asking for directions. Since everybody now has and FRS radio. Then we could pick a channel like channel 2 sub 18 and use that for traffic monitoring on non interstate roads. Of course if its advertisied in the newspaper more and more people would catch on and it might become worth while.

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    This actually sounds like a good idea. The only draw back is the FRS radio's have such short range. When they state that the radio will pick up for 10 miles they mean in line of sight with nothing blocking in between, such as on a lake. With Obstacles, I would say I get half a mile.

    This is a good idea though..... If everyone used them it would be like our own Personal ( Bear Channel )

    It would be nice if a channel was chosen and it was universally know as
    ( The Bear Channel ) Kinda like Channel 19 on a CB



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