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Thread: benefits?!

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    Default benefits?!

    what are the benefits of having a police scanner? i recentally started to look into it, but what are some benefits. i know its cool to hear what they are saying, but in anyway does it actually benefit me?

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    Biggest reason for me is to avoid accidents and closed roads. I can usually get off the highway and detour around the accident scene before I get caught in the slow down.

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    I listen to my scanners when I'm not in the car. I listen when I'm at home the most, but I also use them when I'm on trips. I like to know what's going on around me, and I also think it's a challenge to listen to things and figure out what they are.

    At least half of what I listen to isn't police, fire, or other public safety stuff. I also monitor business, marine, aviation and other stuff.



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