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    Default Radio Shack 30% off Coupon

    I hope this doesn't break any forum rules. Sorry if it does. I wanted to share a family and friends coupon I found for Radio Shack so you guys can save some dough. It's only good for 6/21(Thurs) and 6/22(Fri) 5-9PM. It takes 30% off of RS brand items and 10% off of brand name stuff. The link takes you to the coupon and you can just print it out and bring it to the store. Good oppurtunity to buy a CB and accessories. Don't use it to buy RDs! 8)

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    Wow, I'm a stockholder and I didn't even get that.

    RS current upper management sucks. I used to get stockholder discount coupons at least once or twice a year, then about 4-5 years ago someone decided to stop the program. Now I just get letters asking if I want to sell my stock off because I hold so few shares. If things continue the way they do, I might just do that.

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    this coupon was on



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