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    Default Scanner for upstate NY

    I'm in the market for a scanner and am interested in the BCT15. It's not digital, but from what I understand I will still be alerted to nearby digital police transmissions, I just won't be able to actually listen to them. Is this correct? I don't care what the police are actually saying, just want to slow down around them.

    Also is anyone familiar with what's being used in upstate New York (Albany) particularly by the state police? Digital? I checked but I can't tell what's digital or not. I saw types M, BM, and RM.

    Notice it says The New York State Police use a "duplex" radio system, where you HAVE to listen to the base and mobile frequencies in order to hear both sides of the conversation. So I guess that means you'd need to tune in to two freqs at one time. Can the BCT15 do that?

    I was going to purchase from and noticed they offer limited preprogramming for about $100 extra, and they'll do state police and other extra preprogramming for even more, you have to request a quote. Is it really that hard to program the scanner? I can get all the freqs off so I would think I could just do it myself.

    Oh and what antenna would be recommended for use with this scanner? I don't care how big and goofy it looks, I just care about performance at a reasonable price.

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    Join the radioreference forum.When I was buying scanner they helped me a,try ask these questions there,I am sure you will get all your questions answered.....I guess second opinion is allways wellcome,right? GoodLuck!

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    I think i have read that in NY scanners are illegal without a license or permit to use it...



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