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    Default Please help Im new and need advice on an antenna for my BCT8

    I have the Bearcat BCT-8 Scanner and I drive a 2001 Crown Victoria. I currently have a radioshack 1-1000 mhz glass mount antenna.

    My problem is that I have difficulty picking up the local police signal. I can pick up the Highway patrol just fine and comes in clear but on the 155mhz local police i seem to get bad, fuzzy or no reception.

    Should i get an another antenna that is tuned to this specific frequency or is there some other way to solve my problem.

    It almost seems like when I am on the outer perimeter of the town I can actually pic up the frequency better.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Check out the larson 150/450/800, or the Austin Spectra. glass mount antennas have pretty poor performance.

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    If you don't mind dropping a c note on an antenna, the Austin Spectra is the way to go.

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    The Comtelco All-Band Low-Profile Mobile Antenna is a pretty
    good antenna. You can pick one up for around 30 bucks
    from an online store. I ended up getting mine from
    Scanner Master. I purchased the 5" NMO Magnet
    Mount (Mylar Base) to go along with it.



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