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    Default In way over my head! BC246T

    Ok so i just got a BC246T Uniden scanner. I also got the software from Butel called ARC246. I have no clue however how to use either the scanner or the software. I think my bigest problem is that when looking online at what frequecies are used in my area. I don't understand what i am looking at. I can't tell if it is conventional or trunked and if it is trunked i don't know how to tell what sytem it uses. I am trying to program Southampton village and Southampton town PD. Here is the frequency page for my area from radiorefference.

    i have also posted a thread on their forum trying to get some help, but i think that i just know to little to understand anything they are telling me. If someone could help walk me through the programing that would be great. Any help would be great.

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    I have a BC246T and have the ARC246T software as well.
    I looked at your link on Radio Reference but I'm not sure
    what county your from. Are you from any thats on that page?
    I'll help you step by step if we can find your freqs.

    If your from Suffolk County or East Hampton it's going to be real easy
    to program.

    Let me explain a little about Conventional and Trunked.

    These are actual Frequencies which are located on the main page.
    They do not need control channels, you just enter them as is.
    ex. 46.4600

    Need Control Channels
    ex. 858.7625
    Then you add the TGID
    Ex. 16 (Which are all the numbers under the DEC column )

    You put the DEC # in the Trunk ID column then a Description in the Name column.

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    I'll set your bc246t up if you want it's very easy to me especially on LI...

    Tell me what you exactly need to scan and I'll set your scanner up via this forum.

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