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    Default Listening to cops

    Im a newbie to this website. I just wanted to know if i want to listen to cops, do i need a scanner or a cb radio. Well im more interested in knowing where the cops are. I live in the chicagoland area.

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    In order to listen to LEOs talking to dispatch or to eachother you will need a scanner. If you are just interested in knowing where LEOs are, assuming you are driving on roads that have regular truck traffic, a CB radio is your ticket. If you're talking about interstate highways that run through Chicago or other major truck routes, a simple CB setup on channel 19 will alert you to bears left and right. The truckers will call out the mile marker the LEO is sitting at and most of the time you will know he is there WELL in advance to slow down.

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    Thanks for your reply. Do you know of any good cb's for under 100$?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dabrowat
    Thanks for your reply. Do you know of any good cb's for under 100$?
    dude cb radios are only 30 bucks.....that's it. A cobra or a uniden cb are good, remeber it's the antenna that makes the performance better on range. So you'll just need to shell out some extra cash for a good antenna which is not expensive at all.

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    Some Good antennas are, Wilson Little Wil, or a Wilson 1000

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    Cobra and a Wilson antenna will Git R done!



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