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    Default What's the best top loaded antenna?

    I have modified my ford Escape's stock AM/FM antenna mount to hold a top loaded CB antenna. I used it on a 15 hour drive I just completed and it worked awesome along with a Uniden 520xL, a Firestick 4ft, and the AR-15 signal splitter. Was getting consistent distances of 5-8 miles with it.

    The valet on our hotel broke the antenna off however (didn't have a spring), so now I'm in the market for a new one.

    What's the best top loaded 3-4ft antenna available? I looked for wilson, but couldn't find any in that length. Are Firestik's really my only option?


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    4 foot firestick on the roof should work very well. Very little static too.
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    these aren't top loaded, but i heard that the predator antennas work very well.

    they're only a few feet tall too. they are center loaded.

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    I use a 4ft fiberglass antenna from wilson i find i get about 3 miles and i have it installed on the back of my car so it is not getting nearly its full potential. I has enough range for me though and it is very low profile. Few people even notice it.



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