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    Default Basic Scanner Question....

    Just a newbee question: I just installed a roof mounted VHF/UHF
    FM TV antenna and was wondering if if I could hook up my scanner
    to this antenna through a 75ohm splitter? Are there any issues doing
    this good or bad?


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    BAD, TV antenna are NOT Good for scanner

    you want an antenna who can get from 0-1000Mhz (or even 2.4Ghz?)
    TV antenna does not cover that.. its tuned for TV frequency
    and have alot of skip in the spectre, you would have better result with the rubber duck antenna that come with your scanner then the TV one
    ..also its horizontal... you want a vertical one

    some frequency could work .. but really not recommended

    also make sure you use high quality low loss cable
    splitter is REALLY BAD



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