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    Default CB recommendations for a bike

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to help out a friend who has a CB on his bike. He wants to add a booster since a lot of times his bike club buddies can't hear his transmissions. First, here are the details for his present setup:

    Bike -- '08 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic with built-in CB. Antenna is on the tour package. Stereo is a Harmon Kardan with the CB option.

    I told him that the first place to start is with the antenna. I suggested getting a high quality antenna and to have it tuned. Then he wants to install some sort of booster between the antenna and the cable.

    Is this the right way to go, and what do you guys recommend both for antenna to replace the standard antenna? Do you think that he really will need to have a booster?

    Thanks everyone

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    Well first of all, Linear Amplifiers for the 11 meter or CB bands are illegal. The most you can run is 4 Watts of power. So the only option for a bike, would be to get a nice high gain mobile antenna. Check out this website for CB stuff : Copper Electronics, Inc.

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    i would recommend a wilson 1000 or 5000... it would also be good to get his radio peaked and tuned, but i dont know anything about harley's or the radios they come with standard. if he can do this to the radio, in combination with the wilson antenna, he should fine... to me, putting a linear on a bike seems a little absurd, im guessing that when hes trying to talk to his buddies theyre all within a mile or so of each other... but if he really is bent on getting amplified, google sparky's cb shack, im sure you can find some goodies there...
    personally id tell him to upgrade the antenna first and see how it works and then if he stills needs more to start looking, that stuff can get real pricey
    good luck though



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