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    Default Info for current and prospective scanner owners

    Just thought I would give some of you guys the heads up on some changes taking place in Public Safety Trunked Frequencies arena. The FCC is rebanding the 800MHz spectrum to be more efficient for PS. The rebanding will have a major effect on scanner owners who normally monitor these systems. Many of the scanners on the market now, that are capable of trunked operation, will become obsolete in the near future (starting in 2006). Scanners will need to either be reprogrammed, the memory reflashed by the manufacturer, or completely replaced. These are all issues current and future scanner owners should take into consideration. The following link is an ongoing thread in another forum where enthusiasts with much more info than I have, have posted a list of popular models that fall into one of the three categories.
    I hope this helps some of you prepare for the future changes.


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    Thanks for the link....I will have to read through it to see what all it affects

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    Im afraid we wont hear cops for long...the technology is there but we can also get our own technology as well.....gone are the days of analog



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