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    Default Need a scanner I live in IL

    hey I decide that iam going to get a scanner, but have no clue on which one and which one works. so maybe you guys could help me out thanks.

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    In order to help you, we would have to know where in Illinois you are located as well as what types of things you plan on monitoring.

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    Exactly. As well as what previous experience you have with radio communications or scanning in the past. Do you know anything about monitoring? What are you wanting to hear? For what purpose? Do you want it mounted in your car, or to carry around in your hand or lay on the seat?

    Just like radar detectors, there are just way too many factors to consider before buying one to just expect a black-and-white answer. The only universal advice is that, if the only thing you want this thing for is avoiding speeding tickets, save your money. A scanner isn't even worth considering for a n00b. The process of monitoring as a speed trap countermeasure is simply WAY too involved, and you are not likely to ever realise a single benefit from your investment before you get sick of the noise and sell it on eBay for half what you paid.

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