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    Default CB Terminology (Slang) Take a look:

    This is a GREAT website I found long ago for learning about how to 'talk' or at least 'understand' CB chatter... one of the most comprehensive works online on CB chatter that truckers use (that can often confuse first-timers). I personally think it is *Sticky* material for this section...

    Though this 'slang' is used sparingly (not as much as jokes lead you to believe) its imperative that CB owners know what is being said, its the only way to get all you can from your CB (Sure its great to hear what they are saying regardless... but if you can't understand it, and in-turn apply it: your CB isn't really helping you).

    Some of it is a bit 'older' so only the old-timers really say some things, but all-in-all at any given time this 'slang' is widely (if only sparingly) used. Also read the Prelude! It has good info/tips!

    (I am not by any means taking credit for any of this information, all the credit goes to the website creator, who credits a book for the information.) I simply found it, and feel (even though its long) that you should try to understand and retain as much as possible:

    Without further ado: CB SLANG

    Examples: From the 'A' section only I see two that I feel is A MUST for any CB owner to know (many others are also good tidbits)... in this case both have a huge safety impact:

    Alligator @ MileMarker ###: Ever seen those huge treads (in the middle of the road-before they make it to the shoulder) and had to swerve around them just-in-time before your bumper was obliterated and safety compromised? Yeah, the truckers will often call them out miles in advance... Nice to know!

    Antler Alley: Often called out for night-driving: Think of how many dead-deer you have ever seen by the side of the highway/thruway, its nice to get this little heads-up. (Sometimes the deer are more active then others)... maybe slowing it down 10MPH might save your cars front-end or your life: All because you knew what the truckers were telling each other on their CB chatter.
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    Default Re: CB Terminology (Slang) Take a look:

    Also some useful terms since I am a truck driver are 10-36 (what time is it) 10-33 (which I believe is an accident) 10-7 (going stand-by) and such. Other ways to respond to someone instead of using the normal 10-4 are 4-10, 4-2 (southern way to respond), 2-4, and probably the old Rogo which I haven't heard in a while. Smokey bear usually means State Cop, county mountie means sherriff, city kiddie is a city cop. Chicken Coups are a scale house or weigh station and we love it when the scales are closed. Scales are too bad especially when you can go over them at 35-55 mph but some make you go over them at a whopping 3 mph and that just seems like a big waste of time.



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