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    What exactly does a power mic do for you? Does it make it easier for other people to hear you, or for you to hear them, or both?

    I've seen a lot of recommendations for the Astatic Road Devil Power Mic.

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    Think of it this way:

    Whispering into a phone (no power mic).
    Talking very loud (not yelling) into a phone (w/power mic).

    It will not do anything for RX, though people may be more apt to respond if your coming in loud and proud on their radio.

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    They work well and that's a good mic, I use the SkyThumper ST-65DX Noise Canceling mic, and it is a very good choice as well. They will both boost your voice in TX and help one to sound louder and hopefully clearer than a stock mic.

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    Power mic is a very good "bang for the buck" accessory. Increasing your audio effectively extends your talk power considerably without actually affecting your transmission power. The difference is amazing. If you are actually into CB, it's a high on the list priority for upgrades. If you don't use your CB for anything other than Smokey reports on highway trips, it's not worth the money though. And, of course, your money is always better spent on antenna upgrade before anything else.

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