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    Default Wilson little wil question

    I just purchased a wilson little wil but unlike all my other cb antennas the connector is allready installed on the end.

    I was wondering if there is a way i can make a removable connection so i can feed it through the firewall

    any ideas ?

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    Default Re: Wilson little wil question

    Where are you mounting it where you need to feed it through a firewall? (Just curious).

    At any rate: I am not sure about the Lil' Wil's (namely because I have never had to run it anywhere with such a small hole), but most higher-end Wilsons allow you to unscrew the PL-259 connector from the end.

    Though to save money, they may have made it one solid unit... but most Wilson Coax (on their higher units) had the detachable end on it as I remember... for the exact reason you mention. Just check that out... but don't force it because it may not.

    I will admit for cost savings its a good bet they may have skimped on it... and I am too lazy to go out in the freaking snow to check that out at this moment. I know off the top of my head the 1K's and 5K's have it guaranteed. Maybe someone else will know with that unit off the top of their head.

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    Default Re: Wilson little wil question

    Mine has the standard CB connect on the end. I would bet if you found a truck stop or CB shop they could fix you up. I didn't have to run thru the firewall so it worked fine for me. Firewall is tough enough to get thru with just a cable so I wish you luck. I guess you could cut off the end, which is what I think will happen, or find a good truck stop and see what they say. Whatever happens let us know.

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    Default Re: Wilson little wil question

    I'm going to to have the same problem, my gas tank is in my trunk so they stuck a firewall back there. Hopefully it will fit through the same hole the ZR3 went through.



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