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    Default Think I messed up my Short Load HELP

    So I went to trim my short load antenna to better tune the SWR, but I think I took off way too much. I trimmed about 2.2 inches and not am getting very very high SWR readings. Before trimming I had readings of 2 or so and now I have readings of like 6 or more. Did I take off too much and should I order a new short load? What length of the top have most people taken of to get a proper tune. Can I order Just the top metal antenna part and not order the entire thing again? Also this is being used with a wilson 5000 if that matters.


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    Default Re: Think I messed up my Short Load HELP

    Yeah, you most likely took off WAY too much.

    Generally .25 inches will create a noticeable change in SWR readings, 1Inch will create a drastic difference in SWR readings.

    Changing 2+ inches is asking for a costly mistake... I think you overshot a bit, and now you are most likely looking at a new antenna.

    The bigger issue here is: Why was it above 2 in the first place? Normally if you are having trouble getting it below 2, there is a bad connection (or ground) in the equation. So even a new antenna may not fix this issue. You may need to try a different placement or re-check your connections.

    Do not try to transmit with SWR #'s as high as yours. It is not good for the radio.

    Are you checking you SWR with nothing within 50feet (or more) of you? I am talking open field or deserted parking lot open.

    PS: As far as the ordering issues, check Wilsons website... and also call a local CB shop, see if they can get the item.

    You live and learn... good-luck. Please come back and ask before you go about making more drastic moves like that... they can add up $$$
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