Just wanted to see if I could get some opinions from the CB gurus here. Have a CB (Cobra 19 Ultra III) installed in my wife's 2001 Ford Ranger, works great and using a good magnet mount antenna, same one I used to use on my car before it got wrecked and I had no noise at all when I used it on the car.

Antenna is working great except it's pulling in ignition noise when the engine is on. I can move the antenna about 10ft away from the truck and it will work just fine, no noise while the truck is running but as soon as I start getting closer it starts picking up the engine noise. Unhooking the antenna of course makes the noise go away too. Power is run to the battery and grounded to the frame.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the noise? The CB works great with the truck off and I can hear distant people no problem, but with the engine on I have to squelch it almost half way to cut out the noise.