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    Default scanner worth it? houston tx

    is it worth adding a scanner to my arsenal? my cb and x50 work great. i travel up i10 to sh71 every week. i only see it beneficial while in the houston area, but would it help while traveling up 71? thanks =)

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    Default Re: scanner worth it? houston tx

    I personally don't have a scanner, but if you watch erickonphoenix's vids, he had 2 saves ... from things like rolling speed trap.. and it could potentially save you from good citizens calling you out.

    if you have the extra $$, do it. i think the triple trunking.. basic scanners start around 150 for a complete system.

    but since you are in TX, shouldn't you invest in laser jammer first? just a thought...

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    Default Re: scanner worth it? houston tx

    I'm recommending to everyone go Laser Jammer first even before a Detector.

    As for the scanner it's a little late for that. HPD switched to another form of car 2 car communications so you can't hear them on the scanner anymore. You have to ID RSTs the old fashioned ways. Look for the spotter cars.

    At this time I've confirmed
    05 Ford Taurus (Gray, Light blue, Maroon, Black)
    07 Dodge Charger (White, Black)

    They are rarely in the left lane, they usually ride in traffic in the center two lanes and call violators as they pass. If your speeding significantly they will pace you and if your driving recklessly they may pull over with the marked chase car.

    Also, I know for a fact the Chargers have LED police lights so they will light violators up if the chase cars are all busy.

    The Taurus' don't have LEDs but they will try and wave you over if the chase cars are all used up.

    I-10 from Katy Mills into the 610 loop is the most popular run for the Rolling Speed Trap in the city. 2nd is Hwy 59 South

    Good luck
    Project "BONES" Speed Lab:
    Valentine One, Blinder M47 "All Front Configuration"
    Pro97 Police Scanner
    1 Saves / 3 Strikes as of 8/22/2009
    Estimated saves in U.S. Dollars: $200



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