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    Default Possibly Dumb Walkie Talkie question

    I have not been around CBs or walkie talkies for 30 yrs and have a few questions?
    Are walkie talkies on the same band as CBs?
    if i had a walkie talkie woud i be able to listen to truckers on CH19?

    Second question, we are doing a car club meet and there will be no cell service.
    They suggested i got to walmart and buy 2 walkie talkies(can i buy just 1 and set it to the cahnnel?)
    They usually get on ch 14 #467.XXXX subchannel 0.
    I know what the ch 14 is but have know idea about the rest.
    is this something that is available analog or is it digital? I read somewhere that digital is a completely different thing-so now i am really confused.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Possibly Dumb Walkie Talkie question

    Ok what you need to look for for the car club run will be an FRS radio OR you can get one with GMRS channels too (to use GMRS you're supposed to pay for a license)

    To comminucate with truckers on CH19 you'll need a CB.

    "Walkie Talkie" is just any handheld two way radio out there; walkie talkie being the more slang term to two-way radio.

    Radios operate on different groups of frequencies (Bands) and different individual frequencies (often times labeled Channels)

    CB is what most trucks are equiped with and is on the Citzens Band, and Channel 19 is known as the information channel within that band.

    467Mhz is a UHF band, FRS channel. FRS and GMRS (shares channels with FRS) radios are the ones commonly availble handheld radios in the $30-$100 range at the major retail stores.

    So you can't really kill two birds with one stone on this one

    This is a good link: h ttp://

    Or I'll try and help if you've got some other questions.

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    Default Re: Possibly Dumb Walkie Talkie question

    Thanks! i did some research on wiki later yesterday, but your post was more clear.
    I'll just get a FRS walkie talkie and maybe also buy a hand held cb to listen to the truckers. We've got a few counties using Laser on I26 now and my the only way i haven't gotten caught so far is, i saw them before they pulled the trigger.
    last week they pulled a subaru in front of me and my detector never went off, later that same day the same cop almost got me, but was looking for a clear shot of my bumper and i spiked the brakes in time. My detector did go off that time.

    Thanks again for the clear response.

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    Default Re: Possibly Dumb Walkie Talkie question

    is it worth it for me to buy the midland 7 watt portable cb? I understand the range is only about 1 mile. I don't want to put any exterior antennas on the car.
    '06 pontiac GTO.

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    Default Re: Possibly Dumb Walkie Talkie question

    Quote Originally Posted by b4z View Post
    is it worth it for me to buy the midland 7 watt portable cb? I understand the range is only about 1 mile. I don't want to put any exterior antennas on the car.
    '06 pontiac GTO.
    Not really.

    You would basically only be able to hear transmissions from other vehicles you can actually see. I live in one of the busiest trucking areas around but if I had to rely on truckers only a few hundred yards ahead it wouldn't be worth it. Not all of them have their radios on, not all of them call out the bears, heck, not all of them even see the bears, especially at night. You might get lucky and get a warning from a truck coming the other way that just happens to be within range, but that would be like relying on a laser detector - it's nice when it works but you can't count on it.

    And no, the little antennas you glue to your windows don't work much better. Everybody asks about them, too.

    The Wilson Little Wil is one of the smallest antennas that actually work. If you can put it on your trunk it doesn't look that bad. Yeah, it's a little dorky, but not as dorky as sitting on the side of the road while all the smug left lane bandits you struggled the pass over the last 20 minutes roll by and wave.

    Now, most handheld CBs are capable of plugging into a real antenna with an adapter, so that could be an option if you don't want to permanently mount a CB in your vehicle or have it flopping around somewhere.

    Edit: If they're calling that a seven watt radio, they're talking about the power behind the audio speaker in the radio, not the RF power you're pushing out to the airwaves. All CBs are limited by law, from the factory, to 4 watts. It's very common to have a CB shop "peak and tune" a radio, which makes sure that you get the best reception and increases the power to what the radio is actually capable of instead of what the FCC says it should do. Even a little CB like a Cobra 19 is capable of some increase in power, but a handheld doesn't have much potential. Even if you don't intend to talk on it now, there will come a time when you want to ask someone to repeat a transmission or you want to ask if there are any threats in a construction zone or something like that, so that's something to consider.
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