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    Default Scanning for VASCAR planes?

    Hi, I am in colorado and was wondering what freqs would be best to scan for VASCAR planes. I am well aware of Radio Ref but don't know where to look for the freqs that they use. Also, do they go plane-to-ground units or plane-dispatch-ground units? Thanks for the replies in advance...

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    Default Re: Scanning for VASCAR planes?

    The best way is to simply program all the Highway Patrol or State Police frequencies from your state into a scanner and start listening. If VASCAR planes are active, you will hear them transmit sooner or later, and there is no mistaking them because of the airplane engine noise in the background. Depending on your state, there may or may not be a channel dedicated to airborne enforcement. If there is, that's great, because you won't have to listen to all the other noise on the radio. But if there is not, you're going to go crazy listening to every cop in the state running driver licence checks, hoping to possibly catch an aircraft transmission in your area. And, of course, in states like Floridia, you can't monitor the Highway Patrol anyhow, so it's a moot point.

    Another potential countermeasure for airborne VASCAR was discussed awhile back in this thread. It involves buying a $600 dollar transponder receiver to put in your car that receives the anti-collision signals transmitted by low flying aircraft in your immediate vicinity. It's not specific to police aircraft, so it could be any airplane flying low over you, but it's certainly one more tool to use if money is no object.

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    Default Re: Scanning for VASCAR planes?

    I cut a hole in my roof and then installed some glass over the hole so I could look up in the sky for planes.

    Just kidding, the factory did that for me



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