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    Default Removable CB setup

    I bought a Cobra 75WX radio and a 26" magnetic antenna. I don't need the CB except on long trips. Any tips on how to have the antenna installed temporarily. Also, if I get the antenna tuned, remove the antenna, and then put it in the same place, will I have to retune it?

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    Default Re: Removable CB setup

    I think I'd just start out with a better mag mount like a lil'wil for starters. Those little cheapo mag mounts seem to just end up frustrating a lot of folks.

    I wouldn't think your SWR would change that much as long as you place it in the same spot each time. You may have good luck with your antenna but it's about the most important component of your system.

    Good luck with it! It's an awesome tool on Ga. roads so it'll be worth it to you to have a radio with some ears!

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    Default Re: Removable CB setup

    I was looking into the same "easily removable"setup.I've got a trip coming up from GA to NY and back.I was looking at the Midland 1001Z..

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    Default Re: Removable CB setup

    With the 75WX I'd just install it as such it was always concealed, then put the antenna on and take the radio out when I needed it.

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    Default Re: Removable CB setup

    Yeah, when you check your SWRs the first time, I'd remove the antenna completely, then reset it a few times, rechecking SWRs each time, just to assure that there isn't a problem. Try moving it around a few inches either direction just for safety. Generally, only moving it closer to the cabin will cause a big difference, but you never know for sure til you check.

    You have to remember that moving the antenna is not the only factor that can affect your SWRs. Everytime you remove that antenna and put it away, then reinstall it, you are manipulating the coax and connector, incurring the possibility of damaging them. Rolling up the coax for storage, pulling it through the trim or body, etc... can all cause problems. And if you damage them, you will never know it unless you check your SWRs. For that reason, it is highly recommended that you recheck them each and every time you install your antenna.
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