This happened in Tucson @ a place called the TTT (Tucson Truck Terminal) Truck Stop CB Shop.

If you ever get out this way they are open 9-9 M-S and 10-6 on Sunday.

The owner of the Uniden PC78 & Cobra 29LTD brought in the radios and handed them over to the the shop techs. It turned out that the 2 radios were the products of a contest between the techs to see who could get the most out of the 2 radios in the shortest amount of time.

The guy that finished first was able to get 28 watts from the Cobra 29LTD and the novice that took a few seconds longer but got 30 watts out of the Uniden PC78 with swing of 35 watts.

Both radios were fixed up at a reliable output for only $25 each. He explained that this was a good deal since the radios were not bought there.

After a couple of radio checks the owner of the rigs had a big smile on his face as he later stated that the difference was "massive". I guess so when you go from 4 watts with almost no stock swing to a clear 35 well modulated watts.

So now as a countermeasure both of the CB's have become reliable editions to the drivers other toys.

So if you have a place that will "peak and tune" the rigs near you then "Git-r-Done!" You will get a save for 2 for your small investment. If you don't think so check out the posts in this thread and see for yourself.