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Thread: Soldering PL259

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    Default Soldering PL259

    I was going to ask here but I found this DIY:

    How to solder a PL-259 Coax Connector | The Steven Experience

    I ordered some Antenna mounts with no connectors so I'm going to have to get into this stuff.

    Figured some of you might find it helpful.

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    Default Re: Soldering PL259

    And I clicked on this thinking I was going to have to answer that question! Good info with good photos, I still remember cringing everytime I Tx'ed for that first week though, afraid I was going to fry my new radio.

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    Default Re: Soldering PL259

    Soldering gun seems like over kill. I'd imagine you could make do with a soldering iron.

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    Default Re: Soldering PL259

    Watch out for some of the cheap ones that have the bright white insulator, and the exterior finish has almost a mirror finish to them. Doesn't take much heat for them to melt a little and the insulator slip out of it's set position.
    If you can find some quality stock with silver at a bargain, a few extras would be good to keep on hand. The insulator takes the heat better too.
    I bought a bulk bag some years ago when they were on sale. Check out the HAM Radio places online.

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    Default Re: Soldering PL259

    Thanks for the find, I wasn't able to find any good ones on youtube.



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