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    Default 107 installed

    That was about the only place I could find to mount it so I could still see the display. I'm waiting on my mobile antenna to come in but the cable is installed. Just need to put the connector on the end. I'm going to go to RS and see if they have a 90 deg elbow.

    I still need to wire the power, on batts. for now.

    Sure hope it switches off with the power when it's hard wired...

    The part with the red box is where the sti-r controls are going...
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    Default Re: 107 installed

    Every time you post a picture of your interior, looks a little more B.A.

    Enjoy the simplicity of the 107.

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    Default Re: 107 installed

    Excellent install, thanks for the pics.

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    The piece that surrounds your CB and holds the switches, was that original to the car or did you pick up a blank face and start modifying it?

    Nice work BTW!



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    Thanks guys! The part that the CB/switches are in is the ashtray. I dremeled most of the "tray" structure away so I could use the face.

    Waiting on my scanner antenna and I need a 90 deg BNC RG58 connector. Couldn't find one at RS...

    The scanner speaker isn't loud enough for me so I guess I'll add a powered speaker plugged into the headphone jack.

    The switch on the right is rigged up weird. I flipped the cover so the switch is ON and the LED is lit when the cover is closed. I still have 3 circuits left for future plans...
    You have to open it to turn it off. It turns off all the CM stuff so when I have my oil changed etc. I can just flip it off when I leave the car. I guess it would also come in handy if I got pulled over or had to crap on the side of the road

    Oh yea, the red button on the left is the V1 mute, green LED rocker is LI, and the other rocker is LI PA.



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