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Thread: What a deal !!!

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    Default What a deal !!!

    I just picked up a NIB Uniden Bearcat BC246T TrunkTracker III Scanner on EBay for $145...

    I happen to see the auction when it was only 3 hours old and I could not pass on the deal. The seller had great feedback too.

    Now I just have to figure this thing out...

    Any tips?

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    That is a super deal. The dynamic memory will have you up and running in no time and the close call feature has been tweaked to help you zero in on what you want. Check out pager screen, repeater find, and data skip. The thing actually knows that a constant broadcast like NOAA weather radio is to be ignored. I got the butel ARC246 software and programming is a snap. Check out the radioreference homepage and the yahoo groups as well. Like I say the BC246T is a BCT-12 on steroids!

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    very good deal. have fun with it, it is one awesome scanner.



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