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    Default Uniden BCT15X

    So I'm thinking of adding a BCT15X to go with my new car. (Sad car day)
    Anyway, I understand it can be connected to a GPS antenna and pre-programmed for a bunch of areas.

    Question is, since I am interested only in Highway Patrol action as I drive to-from Utah and California, is there a way of easily filtering out the local "dog is barking too loud" local police calls as I drive through cities on the interstate?

    Also, what is the ideal antenna for desert country to match up with the BCT15X 800mhz action?

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    Default Re: Uniden BCT15X

    Yes, you can use FreeScan and delete/lock out all the channels you don't want. As for antennas, the Spectra in my sig is nice. I can get 40-60 mile range on them. If you are going to use this scanner mostly for BearTracker, use the antenna it comes with.

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    Default Re: Uniden BCT15X

    The GPS feature is nice, but I think it can be improved. I think the main reason it doesn't work as well for me is the fact that here in Houston we have a huge trunking system that services many counties and tons of departments. Since you can only places GPS info on Systems(or each site in a multi-site trunking system) and groups, and not individual talk groups I find myself making my GPS groups turning on and off being larger geographical areas rather than each city or department. To make matters worse, I have to span the entire system off several systems in the scanner because of the limit of groups and the limit of talkgroups allowed by the scanner (this completely defeats the purpose of bankless scanner programming IMO) So I really have 4 systems that are the same actual system, which causes wasted time scanning and will lead to missed transmissions.

    But IMO, I think if all you want it for is literally just the state police, you really don't need to have the GPS at all, just only program in or only enable, the state police. At least here in TX, there is only a handful of channels, with not a whole lot of traffic, so it's not a huge deal. Then again, alot of our state police are completely digital now and some do use encryption.

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    Agreed. The GPS feature is useful for road trips, but not so much for local or metro use. And if you use it for road trips, you have to devote a LOT of time and research into programming the proper systems and frequencies to use it. Unless you are OFTEN travelling the same long distance route, it's just not worth it.

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