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    Default Practical Uses Of Tech Class License

    Can an experienced HAM give me some of the practical applications, useful privileges, and the things that you like to do with a tech class license?

    I'm pretty sure I could pass the test now, but what can I do with this extra ticket? Does it open up other countermeasure opportunites?

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    Default Re: Practical Uses Of Tech Class License

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    Default Re: Practical Uses Of Tech Class License

    The tech license allows you to use the VHF and UHF bands, 2 meters, 6 meters, and up. You also get a small bit of 10 meters, so if the skip ever returns, you'd be there.

    An amateur radio license is good for explaining that scanner in the vehicle.

    If you can pass tech, study a bit more and get General. It will allow you to use the HF bands, the "shortwaves". With a very modest station (100 watts and a wire) I've worked Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. I don't even try that hard !

    Don't be put off by some of the old farts you'll hear on the scanner if you tune to the local repeaters on 2 meters. There's a lot of interesting stuff out there. I ended up working Rally New York and in one of the cars by a radio connection.

    Extra Class is a bit tougher. You really need a high level understanding of theory, not just "practical radio" as tested on the tech and general exams.


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    Default Re: Practical Uses Of Tech Class License

    Tech here. Haven't found any CM uses for it though. It's just for entertainment on the road. Stick with a CB for CM purposes.



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