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    Default Anyone Have the Yaesu FTM-350R?

    Wondering if anyone here is using one and their thoughts on it?

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    Default Re: Anyone Have the Yaesu FTM-350R?

    I've got a friend that has one, and I've messed with it in the store a little bit. It's BIG and expensive but it puts everything all into one package. Id probably wait another 6 months or so until the hype factor wears off and they're a little more reasonably priced, and effected by sales and such.

    But if you speak Yaesu and want the function of the Kenwood TM-D710A, then it's probably going to be a smart choice for you.

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    Default Re: Anyone Have the Yaesu FTM-350R?

    "Buy the BEST and screw the rest." - fire65

    "im intrested to see how well you do.i never seen a car JTG before would be a first for me.." - radarrob

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    Default Re: Anyone Have the Yaesu FTM-350R?

    That looks very simliar to the Icom IC-2820H.




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