I've been thinking about scanner, CB, and cel phone antennas. I remember reading somewhere (I thought here but search came up empty) that one of the Wilson Antenna CB antennas or Wilson Electronics cellular antennas (two different companies) was also a decent wide-band scanner antenna. Can anyone confirm? I checked the factory specs for the Wilson "Little Wil" and "500" CB antennas, as well as the Wilson Cellular "Dual Band" mag mount 12" 800/1900 cel antenna, but none listed any receive-only specs.

Ideally, I'd like one antenna (or at least one permanent mount with switchable masts for driving in different areas) that could be used for transceiving on CB 19 (27 MHz) and cel 900/1800 MHz as well as wide-band scanning (e.g., 50, 135, 150, 400, 500, 700 and 800 MHz).

BTW, is it safe (nevermind useful) to use one antenna for scanning and CB and/or cel transmitting with the scanner connected? I wouldn't want to burn up my nice new scanner. My CB is about 4W (cel much less).