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    Default Beginner scanner question.

    Does anyone have any experience with the Uniden BC95XLTB?

    I'm looking at just a beginners-type scanner as I won't really be using it much for anything other than entertainment and this price range is exactly what I was looking for.
    Getting more interested in the scanner route (not as a countermeasure, but more as entertainment as stated above) since CB is fairly quiet around here and I can literally drive for miles and miles without hearing anyone. (CB, and Antenna are both tuned)

    My only question is if this scanner would be able to pick up my local counties police transmissions. I've looked thoroughly over many websites for the frequencies and none of them show my counties Dispatch frequencies, leading me to believe that those frequencies are encrypted and can't be accessed for public scanning.

    Currently living in Ramsey, Minnesota. Anoka County.

    Not expecting much from this scanner if I buy it, just wanted to hear some feedback if anyone were to have any.
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    Default Re: Beginner scanner question.

    That scanner won't do you much good. Here is the pertinent information:

    Anoka County, Minnesota (MN) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

    Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER) Trunking System, Various, Minnesota - Scanner Frequencies

    That first page has a few local VHF frequencies, which that scanner could pick up, but they don't look to be of much use, even for mere entertainment purposes. The second page details the statewide P25 (digital) trunking system that is being used instead by most public safety entities in your county. That's a huge list of talkgroups, but I didn't see any that were encrypted, at least for Anoka Co. You would need a scanner capable of handling a P25 system. Digital trunking scanners from Uniden and GRE generally go for around $500 new, but the Radio Shack models can sometimes be found for less than that.

    See also: Minnesota Radio Discussion Forum - The Forums -- plenty of discussion on ARMER there.

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    Default Re: Beginner scanner question.

    Brad's got it covered from the public safety standpoint.

    It should do HAM/AIR/GMRS/business and mutual aid type stuff without too much of a headache, also follow those links and checkout some nearby counties. Not sure that you'd get much marine traffic unless you're at a busy lake or river.

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    Is the radioshack trunking scanner for 200$ worth a look at?

    PRO-163 1000 CH Triple Trunking Mobile/Base Scanner
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    Default Re: Beginner scanner question.

    It depends on what you want to listen to. It might be perfect, it might be overkill, or it might be entirely useless. However, the GRE PSR-400 is practically the same scanner, and is currently on sale at Radio Shack for $140, which to me is more worth looking at than the $200 one.



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