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    Default CB Newbie Setup :)

    Hey guys, I'm toying with the idea of finally getting a CB setup. They're not even that pricey so why not.

    I'm thinking about getting a Uniden PRO520XL due to it's size and capabilities, but I'm unsure as to what antenna to get. Is the Little Wilson compatible? I think a 36" antenna is the max I'd do, lol. Thanks guys.

    Btw, I read the sticky and I had no idea the antenna has to be tuned

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    Default Re: CB Newbie Setup :)

    Yeah, the Lil Wil works fine. Older members will attest to it holding up at speeds up to ~140mph. Reception is okay, not the best, but will work fine for CM purposes.

    The Uniden 520 is a decent and small radio, and its fun to have the PA option(and easy talkback mod). I have the 510 and regret not getting the 520. Oh wells.

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    Default Re: CB Newbie Setup :)

    I've been running that radio for a while and have no complaints. Before that I was running a big honkin' "pro" type radio and now I don't really see the need for all the bells and whistles. Good choice!

    Laird and Maxrad both make 2700 antennas and they're about the same. Probably made by the same company...

    You'll need an "NMO" mount for it which is just a thin, threaded mount about the same diameter as a quarter. I'm using a "lip mount" which clamps to the front edge of my trunklid with the coax running through the trunk to the radio.

    You'll need an SWR meter to tune the antenna. I think I paid about $20 for mine so yea, getting into CB is pretty cheap!

    Good Luck! You'll be amazed after running one for a while.

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    Default Re: CB Newbie Setup :)


    you know my setup, CB27 with a laird TMB8 NMO mount. works great (i think ATF might have the same setup)



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