Hey all,
I'm working on installing a CB, among other things, in my car. I have a Uniden 520XL, which will be hardwired into the car. The antenna cable can be run from that to the trunk, where I can drill in a hole to mount the antenna. What I'm wondering, is what kind of antenna to get. I would prefer it to be a minimum of 6ft, for performance reasons, and preferably the steel, or more bendable style, for convenience, with such a large antenna. I don't know that much about the technology, but I'm trying to learn quickly. It looks like the coax cable should be 18ft ideally, and it seems like the ideal antenna height is 102". That's about 8.5ft which is quite high for daily use. If possible, I would like to stay right around 7ft, but I'm not sure how doable that is.

In any case, could anyone recommend a company that makes good, tall antennas? Most that I see on various websites only go up to around 60". Perhaps someone makes good custom ones? Price is not an issue, since without a decent antenna, the CB is useless.