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    Default CB antenna as a FM/AM antenna

    I have two CB antennas mounted on my truck and one is not in use, I was wondering if I could hook up my FM/AM radio to it. If I use the FireStik splitter will it work without a CB radio antenna connected to it or do both components have to be connected to it? Hopefully you guys can answer my question, thanks

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    Default Re: CB antenna as a FM/AM antenna

    A vehicle uses a 1/4 wave antenna. The car body acts as a ground plane reflection to make the second half. To find out divide 234 by the center frequency in MHZ and that will be the length in feet. Optimum length for FM would be about 29 inches. Now take the firestick splitter and put it back in the closet. The cb and the car stereo will work but like crap. Its best to have them both separate with tuned antennas. Use a straight 29 inch whip instead of the second CB antenna.



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