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    Cool GRE PSR 800 scanner

    Our local PD went digital P25 and my old analog scanner was useless for digital so I bought a new digital scanner and love it. I can't believe how easy this thing is to program. So far so good and the local PD comes in clear now. It is really interesting to hear what is going on in the community and what the media leaves out. Hopefully they won't go full encrypted. Any way, the EMS is still analog and they are interesting as well as the sheriff.

    BTW.....this is the scanner that all you need to program it is the local county, state or zip code. Scroll through the scan list for the local area and enter them into a scan list, active the scanlist and listen away.

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    Default Re: GRE PSR 800 scanner

    Yup digital is becoming the standard for now and it's a lot better quality vs analog. A couple years ago where I use to live in Louisiana when they went on to their new LWIN system all the local PD etc. went to it also, and I only had an analog scanner at the time which sucked. Now where I live in NC the county has their own dedicated digital system and it's nice and I have the Pro-97 which is great on digital. They still use the old VHF analog frequencies for the pagers for EMS/city FD/County VFD's which sucks because I was with one of the local VFD's (took a break for a few months to do some family stuff etc. and plan on going back next month) and the analog signal is so crappy that half the time you're lucky to hear the information when being toned out or while on the way to a call. Lots of areas have dead spots too where the pagers won't work but it's simulcast with the digital system so you hear the digital traffic on dispatch on the pagers/VHF channel. Wish Motorola would update their Minitor pagers to use the new digital systems would be SOOOO much better, either that or I wish the digital radios didn't cost so much that our department can only afford enough to have in the trucks and a few of the officers. The digital radios are about $2k+ a radio!

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    Default Re: GRE PSR 800 scanner

    One problem I noticed that plagues the digital is Multipath Distortion causing "robotic" and garbled reception. It seems that the local PD is having a real issue with it and on numerous occasions have to ask for a repeat. Also there are many buildings the radios are useless in. PS.....This isn't simulcast either it is right from the source.



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