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    So I got a new Cobra 29 LX on the way, it's free so I figured I'd take it.

    Question for anyone, how can I mount this in a 2011 ford focus? Not much space to put it. I was thinking on the side of the console on the passenger side with some heavy duty velcro (whatever the white/clear plastic snap in velcro is) I used it before to mouth a scanner remote head to the top of the windshield so I figure it would work that way. I don't really want to drill, and want it easily accessible.

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    This is probably a late reply, but I just velcro'd my CB to my dashboard, and called it a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camaro69car View Post
    This is probably a late reply, but I just velcro'd my CB to my dashboard, and called it a day.
    And when you wreck and the CB comes off the Dash and kills someone - who will be to blame?
    Mount it securely to steel structure somewhere in the vehicle.
    You need to make sure that you have enough air flow around the radio, so it doesn't burn up from getting too hot.



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