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    Default best lowband antenna for a car?

    Title says most of it but im trying to find a good lowband whip for monitoring NCHP mobiles. I know they run on viper alot not but i was trying to find something that would be good for when they do come back on lowband. p.s. my car is a 2010 Toyota Corolla

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    Default Re: best lowband antenna for a car?

    What do you mean by Low Band.
    Low Band is anything from 30 - 50 Mhz where I come from.
    High VHF is 155 - 157 Mhz.. Although the bands have been hacked up even further since the last time most of those municipalities has used them.
    The only ones on the high VHF today is the PA State Police - here - they use it for car to car with a 100 watt mobile and they don't use a repeater, and they have county wide coverage with just a Larsen or AS - Antenna Specialist antenna, much the same as the antenna's they used 10 years ago when they used high VHf exclusively.

    If it was low band, then you would probably need a 6 foot whip mounted to the side of the vehicle.



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