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    Default Look at these antennas

    Has anyone tried one of these antennas?

    These are what the police in my area are using, and they are ultra low profile. Anyone have any experience with them?

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    Antenex is a brand, they make all kinds of antennas, but I assume you are talking about the plastic-capped low-profile ones.

    Most (about 2 to 3" long) are UHF or 800 MHz and are unity gain, go figure. Some 800 ones have up to 5dB of gain but from what I recall cost about 4-5x as much as a unity gain one. The VHF ones suffer loss from what I've heard, maybe as little as 2dB which isn't bad considering you have the coil condensed into a roughly 5" sheath. I am sure the specs per model are on the site somewhere.

    Personally when I have done low profile, I used Antenna Specialists products. While there are more holes involved than just an NMO, the performance is better IMHO.



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