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    Default HELP WITH PRO 97

    hi, i just got a pro 97 today from radioshack and read the owners manual but still very confused. I live in HIllsborough, NJ and how do i pick up my towns cops? ALso, how do u get the backlight to always stay on?

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    Goto Radioreference hompage and get dialed in! If it is like the Pro 96, simply hold the lamp key down until the "beep".

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    I had the same issue as you I was new and didnt know anything,

    well here is my solution, sign in with the Radio Reference and make a 5 dollar donation through paypal.

    Go download the win 97 software 30 day trial, and use the web import feature, its for the most part, pretty automatic!!

    You name the Bank and pick the bank and how you want the Talk groups named. but then you plug in the serial cable, ( the gray one, not black!!)
    and download it to the scanner and your good to go!! and if your wanting a good antenna, I got the center loaded telescope antenna of 16.99 and I really like it.




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