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    Default co-phasing base station antennas

    I have 2 102 inch whip antennas and I want to use them with my cb as a base station. How can I put them up and co-phase them?

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    Default Would you really want to do that?

    Maybe you already know this, but anytime you co-phase antennas you are creating a directional pattern focus for your signal. For example, on a truck with co-phased antennas the signal becomes focused ahead and behind the truck. TX and RX to the sides will be weakened. This is why it's a favorite of truckers, since they only care to hear stuff that's ahead and behind them on the highway. If you'd really want to co-phase antennas for your base you'd need a very large groundplane, or sheet of metal between them. They would have to be spaced a 1/4 wavelength apart and you'll have to use a co-phasing harness, not a "T" adapter to match it properly for SWR. A lot of trouble for a signal that only goes strong in two directions. For directional base operation you are much better off with a rotatable directional antenna called a Yagi, or a "beam".



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