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    Re: What is this on the NYS Thruway / I-87?

    Probably for a good cause ??? The only cause the State of New York has is to generate revenue.
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    Re: friggin eBay purchases!

    The unit is likely........ STOLEN. And they most likely will not service it.
  3. Re: Can A LEO Give You A Ticket Without Having A Lock?

    Here is an opinion. In Amerika, we make up the rules as we go along. In today's kangaroo court you are guilty untill proven innocent. Understand ?
  4. Re: Self-defense claimed in federal agent's death (Stand Your Ground)

    Why in heaven's name would anyone make statements to the po-leeeece? Every criminal defense lawyer will tell you to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT !
  5. Re: Police Can Install Hidden Cameras on Private Property Without a Warrant, Judge Ru

    Op read my mind ! Disconnect & sell it. Huh, what camera ?
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    Re: Another cash grab!

    Guy w/ the sign IS breaking law(s). Since when is it OK to threaten people with DPF ? Who made HIM the Police, judge , jury, etc.?
  7. Re: Oh cops charged for not arresting drunk driver

    NCHP would watch (from a distance w/binoculars) who came out of certain bars. They would then swoop down and pull the driver out of the car before he/she had a chance to put a key in the ignition. ...
  8. Re: I believe the officer was lying about having radar on

    AvsBest is dead on. Nothing to add. Get a lawyer to cut a deal.
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    Re: A basic scanner question or two

    Ans to above.........
    They are as complicated as you want them to be.
    How deep is your wallet ?

    There are thousands of public service frequencies. To make matters worse, there is also narrow...
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    Re: V1 Stealth now ?

    Obvious testing flaws. Their Spectre detected next to nothing.
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    Re: $50 amazon detectors

    He will learn the hard way.......
  12. Re: California cops open fire on men - women - children - babies

    The news media forgot to mention the peeps were throwing rocks and bottles at the po-leece prior to what was on the video. I know the media wouldn't lie though, would they ?
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    NJ ticket(s) in the mail.........

    NJ a/k/a the garbage state recently expanded their red light camera program. It was challenged in that the yellow was too short in many intersections snaring numerous drivers without just cause. ...
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    Re: Why do people say detectors are illegal in NY?

    Legal or not.......A smart idea is to keep it to yourself whenever possible. Some people can't tell the difference between whats personal & whats business. They see that thing on the windshield and...
  15. Re: New cell phone causes V1 too false on X-band.

    Which CARRIER is it ???? (causing interference)
    ATT & T-Mo are GSM
    VZW & Sprint use CDMA
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    AAA Magazine & Georgia Super Speeder Law

    I got the AAA magazine and was reading where a motorist got ticketed outside of Atlanta for speeding. He pays the fine and later receives another notice in the mail for an additional $200. for being...
  17. Re: FL cop who was fired 6x still has his job.

    Can I get a job there ?
  18. Re: man who broke into VA sex shop blow-up doll -Guilty

    The Commonwealth of Virginia.......The place that brought you the $3500 speeding ticket and felony reclkless for 20 over. Do burglary and other felonies instead and get a suspended sentence. ...
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    Re: V1 + Virginia + Spectre Elite

    I had called Valentine in April 2011 and was told they are working on it. Now maybe its like the D.O.T. there where things take a long time.
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    Re: Wiretap Law Camera Seizure Will Cost Cop

    Amazing. There is no expectation of privacy on the street. The wiretap thing is rediculous. The cop got immunity by consulting with the ADA ? OK but that was after the fact. I'm sure he didn't...
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    Re: Cobra Vedetta Radar Detectors

    don't waste your $......
  22. Re: Do Law Enforcement Officers Have "A Code..

    The author is a dope. Others always treat people within their own profession differently than outsiders. If he wants to be righteous, he should hold politicians to a higher standard cause most of...
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    NYC and State Speed Cameras Coming.......

    The whoremasters in the Albany legislature are set to vote on allowing speed cameras in the the City of New York (a.k.a the rotten apple). Speed cameras will be in addition to the existing red-light...
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    Re: V1 + Virginia + Spectre Elite

    His spectre can't tell what you have. He saw it before or it was a lucky guess. Either way it shows how retarded VA is when they have nothing better to do than bang people for radar detectors.
  25. Re: Reccomend inexpensive RD for the wife. Will not buy another Passport 8500.

    short answer............NO !
    Break down and buy what your supposed to like a V1 etc. If she gets nailed, then you will have your wallet picked and have nothing to show for it. Then your insurance...
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