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  1. Re: Decent product but not worth buying due to abysmal customer service

    sometimes you get the grumpy lady. gotta keep calling back until you get the younger dude
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    Re: The future of Valentine One? Dismal.

    and continue hanging "accessories" all over it for years to come......

    I'm not a V1 hater, just wish they would give us a real update to the product.[/QUOTE]

    only need the 1 accessory for...
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    Re: V1 is pretty much useless

    Lol sure it's useless if you don't know how to configure it properly :P

    My V1 was going nuts at first but then I limited it to the frequency range that cops use and now it's been nearly perfect....
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    Re: New X50 Black... Not impressed.

    I picked up a new 8500 X50 Black on Amazon (sold by the Escort store on there) for $199 about two weeks ago. Never saw them that cheap and figured I couldn't miss such a good deal, plus it would be...
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    Re: Escort Max - DUDE or DUD ?

    IMO dud. OLED display sure looks nice, but it's not gonna improve your detection capabilities. You're paying for a flashy device with lots of features, but not the best performance.
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    Re: New here, V1 with an Accord

    Welcome! And yes, anyone who thinks RD's are a waste of money obviously doesn't speed. When you're going 90mph+ in a 55mph PSL, you NEED a good RD otherwise you won't have your license for very long!
  7. Re: Zombie has bell Sti-r for a year but never had it installed....

    Nice, good to hear the V1 is still taking the reigns!

    Sent my 3.872 in for an upgrade last week, should be getting it back from VR tomorrow if shipping goes well :)

    Can't wait to get the V1C...
  8. Re: Trying to decide: Escort 9500ix Vs Escort Redline Vs Valentine 1

    Strange double post.. Not my fault!
  9. Re: Trying to decide: Escort 9500ix Vs Escort Redline Vs Valentine 1

    Get the V1 if you want the arrows, Redline if you want stealth.

    As for the 9500ix, the range and ramp up on mine sucked BIG time. Was slamming on my brakes so much with my new 9500ix.. Even my...
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    Re: No Escort products need arrows like V1!

    what do you mean by the mess they made? Im seriously considering the max and im trying to do as much research on it as I can. so far ive seen no complaints and seems to preform very well. My...
  11. Re: Zombie has bell Sti-r for a year but never had it installed....

    STi R should have better range than V1 if you install it properly.

    Definitely a good combo IMO. Don't let that STi R go to waste! If I could find one for $500 I'd probably pick it up and run it...
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    Re: New V1 owner...or Redline?

    The question is do you want superior range + stealth with the Redline (~13mile or so straightaway Ka detection), or do you want V1's very good range (~9miles) + directional arrows?

    For myself, I...
  13. Re: Thinking of leaving Redline/Live for Valentine 1 again - talk me out of it!

    double post. pls delete
  14. Re: Thinking of leaving Redline/Live for Valentine 1 again - talk me out of it!

    Agreed. Crowdsourcing radar apps seem to be more of a distraction than help for myself.. The LEO is always gone or in a different spot by the time I get to the marked location with apps like Waze and...
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    Re: V1 owner thinking about upgrade or redline

    I'm in the same boat as you. Got a 3.872 V1 from 2011 and thinking about getting the Redline for its superior range.. However, I'm not sure I want to give up the arrows, as they really do help me...
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    Re: Veil on Chrome Grille?

    yep, ive got veil on my 08 jetta and its saved me a few times (or so I believe). About to look into purchasing either the Laser Interceptor or Blinder M47 to go along with my V1 and Veil. Not sure...
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    Re: X Band and New Jersey

    They'll still be using X in Jersey for a while unless someone makes a very large donation to their police force.
  18. Thread: Laser

    by Zero187

    Re: Laser

    Laser when it's raining? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought laser didn't work well in the rain/fog.
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    Re: My old V1 outperforms my new 9500ix

    Yea, I was in the same boat with my 9500ix. So glad I grew some balls and went for the V1. Not only will it save me from more tickets, it'll also save my brakes!
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    Re: Valentine 2

    I've used the 8500, 9500ix, SRX, Redline and V1 - and by far the V1 is my favorite. Not sure why you'd want a change - the V1 is perfect the way it is IMO (other than being detectable by RDD's). The...
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    Re: Ticket for obstruction of windshield?

    It's more of an insult that they profit off exploiting us on the roads. Speeding 15-20 over isn't dangerous, and just gives them another excuse to milk us of our cash. Tell him THAT'S the real insult.
  22. Re: If you didn't have a V1 what would you have in place of it?

    And peace and quiet. :)[/QUOTE]

    Ha, not after the insurance rates go up and my parents find out - the V1 is silent compared to that!

    And for the original question.. I might try out a Redline,...
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    Re: My V1 Experience

    Yeah I was thinking about getting the M27, or maybe even the M47 if I can put aside a few extra bucks.. Is it easy to install by myself or do I need it custom installed by a body shop?
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    Re: buying a Valentine One

    You could always ask for a refurbished one from the site if you are trying to save a few bucks. But yeah, you have to get it online unless you know someone trying to sell a used V1.
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    Re: Not crazy... maybee a little

    Yeah it really does depend on where you live, I'm in upstate new york and have left K band on for most of my years but have never seen a real cop using it, only pub safety or mall security.

    Big L...
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