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    Re: v1 failed

    Stalker 2 is a very deadly radar gun on 34.7 that can be difficult to detect with even a V1. I own a Stalker 2 radar gun.
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    Sticky: Re: Veil Guy's Whistler CR85 & CR90 Review

    Thanks Veil guy for your review. I have always appreciated the reviews you do on all the different rds.
  3. Re: You know what ever happened to Ku band coming to the USA?

    Wow, KU band. There is something just not discussed anymore. Long lost items of discussion. And yes the KU band Gatso camera is resting peacefully as of right now. Thanks for the concern. I have...
  4. Re: Connecticut 41 in a 25 BUT posted 30...HELP!

    If he stated the speed limit was 25mph and put that on the ticket and the real speed limit on that section of road is 30mph, you can get that tossed out on a technicality.
  5. Re: X or K band used in Edmonton, AB, Canada

    I would keep k band on for sure. X band may be used out in those rural areas. Smart cops still use x band radar since so many turn it off.
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    Re: New X50 Black... Not impressed.

    I own the Black X50 and it works great. If your unit falses on laser, then your shielding over your laser sensor needs to be tightened. That is a pain but unit laser falses are removed. I had a...
  7. Re: So with all the noise a escort with the max

    Cody you said it all about the CS at VR. I currently own three V1's and dread when I have to call there if it is I must talk to a CS rep. Not as many problems talking to the technician about my...
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    Re: Is using a RD in VA a misdemeanor?

    I don't believe it's a misdemeanor. Go ahead, and run it.
  9. Re: Not enthused with new line of scanning receivers...

    Glad this was brought up. Thanks. This is very true as I have noticed this too. I can remember my first scanner I got as a present the Radio Shack Pro 43. 1993. Wow, and that had direct entry...
  10. Re: K Band Radar or Radio Signals in California?

    K band is used in CA but not all that often. It is somewhat rare to see but when you do, you will be glad you had it turned on in CA. And when crossing into Oregon, X band is still used so turn...
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    Re: Whistler AXIS Detector with GPS!

    And that "nice feature" you say has cost me a lot of money over the years. And don't forget the VG-2 Interceptor problem w/ the RX65 and it's claims to being immune. There was a video on here at...
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    Re: Whistler AXIS Detector with GPS!

    What about the "Service Required" messages that have come up from time to time w/ some RX65 models?
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    Re: New member in Virginia

    Glad you ditched the Cobra. I have tested a Cobra against a Spectre 2 RDD and it was detectable over 3000 ft which is very bad/dead give away to a cop! The Escort X50 is detected at 1800-2000 ft. ...
  14. Re: Thank you MichaelB - great service as always

    Michael B is a great person and has done so much for the rd industry. Mr. B, I will get the chance to meet you some day in person and shake your hand. I just wished I knew when? Hats off to...
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    Sticky: Re: List of radar bands in the U.S

    Powerpickle, x band for the most part is not used in Southern MI but as of two years ago, X band has been seen in use in the UP of MI. If you cross over into Indiana or Ohio, expect to see X band...
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    Re: Why I love my V1

    Not a bad post and if someone likes their Bel RX65 that is great but I prefer the Bel STi over the RX65!
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    Re: Replacement speaker for my pro78

    Michael B is awesome and attributed much to the radar detector industry. Thanks Mr. B!
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    Re: X50 laser stays on

    Perform a system reset on your X50 and see if this helps.
  19. Re: Why do people say detectors are illegal in NY?

    Thanks JstGlockem. Yes the Virginia law is quite vague, but I got away w/ running my Bel STi in my car all through that state and never had a problem. In terms of the big truck, if the radar...
  20. Re: Why do people say detectors are illegal in NY?

    And as one of those people who drive a big rig, I can say as long as your are "careful", using a rd in a big truck is NOT a big deal w/ the way the DOT (Dept of Transportation) is coming down on us...
  21. Re: Hi from Pennsylvania - PLEASE recommend a RADAR DETECTOR

    One thing you will want to know is all the K band speed sign encounters you will see on I-80 and I-76 and a lot of PA troopers like to hide behind these signs running actual k band radar so Expert or...
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    Re: V1 + Virginia + Spectre Elite

    VR owns a Spectre 3 RDD so I don't know what the holdup is? I spoke w/ Mike V face to face about the problem two years ago and informed me they know about the problem and are working on it. As we...
  23. Re: New 9500ix (state specifc info for MI, OH, IN, IL)

    The lower part of MI you can usually get away w/ x band off but the Upper part of MI was still using x band as of two years ago according to a friend who picked up x band North of the bridge. OH,...
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    Re: New from sc

    X band radar is still used in various areas of South Carolina.
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    Re: Detector Questions?

    Stay away from the Cobra rd. Terrible against 35.5 ka band. Either purchase a V1,BelEscort, or Whistler depending on what features you like and what you are budgeted for. Have a good day!
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