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    Re: M47 compatible with 9500ix ?

    They are two completely separate devices which have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Compatibility is not an issue.

    Probably the way to go, but knowing nothing about your car or...
  2. Re: Add front license plate...doesn't seem logical

    Adding a plate sounds logical in theory, but no, it is NOT a good idea at all. That's not how cops think.

    And if you're running a front plate where they aren't even issued, you just look like an...
  3. Re: Purchased dual sensors in Cumming GA need to test when I install

    Okay, well you said you had a chrome grille, but the pics don't show a chrome grille, so I was confused.
  4. Re: Do you think GOL should report Capture range in addition to alert distance?

    Agreed. We see significant variations with just millimetres of height or axis adjustment. We have seen this over and over. But, there are just too many vehicle variables to get hung up on specific...
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    Re: LI in the Tail Lights

    It hasn't worked for anyone else who has tried it. Glass -- tinted or not -- is a deal breaker.
  6. Re: Purchased dual sensors in Cumming GA need to test when I install

    Wait... is this your car/install, or someone else's? I don't want to waste time discussing someone else's car.

    Position is good, but it looks like they are not well aimed or levelled.
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    Re: Is a used ZR4 good enough?

    Good move. Integrating your jammer with your RD is about as useful as integrating your vacuum cleaner with your coffee maker. ;)

    To answer the original question, NO. Not a chance.
  8. Re: Hacked DOT Road Sign Reads "Impeach Obama"

    Good, because it's getting old. Take a Midol.
  9. Re: will there be an update to jam infiniti cruise control (ie. knoc it off cruise mo

    If there is a god, they'll all get cancer from the radar.
  10. Re: VEIL vs. FLAT BLACK which is more effective?

    SO bad-ass!
  11. Re: Moving to FL - do i need rear laser protection?

    Yes. Rear is a known threat in FL.
  12. Re: Armed Man Attacks Mobile Speed Camera Vehicle

    I LOL'd
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    Re: Cars and speeding

    One of the worst statements to ever come out of the auto (and racing) industry (industries), it is so true, yet so, so false at the same time regarding 4 wheels.[/QUOTE]
    True. The benefit of being...
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    Re: Little orange spots on my white car

    My white car ends up with all these little (1/8 to 1/4 inch max) brown spots on it that start off as dark orange, then leave a light orange sometimes even after scrubbing it off. It's literally raw...
  15. Re: Help me with my setup please? Very limited time

    Do you mean a Uniden 520 CB, or a Uniden 250 scanner?

    If you are talking about a CB, you can't reprogram it. There is no programming of CB radios. But all of them can have their power output...
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    Re: LI rear vs. zr4 laser shifter rear

    All three units on the rear (or front) isn't enough, so really, the entire system is false hope.

    Yeah, that's just the way Escort does business.
  17. Re: Jammers class b misdemeanor? Texas Federal Law violation?

    Even the motor jocks, who have nothing but time to deal with this ****, are not known to care about anything but catching the easy targets to keep their numbers high. If you take the time to go...
  18. Re: Most versatile shifter-system for my needs

    Take note that -- as mentioned in the FAQ -- the rear is HARDER to protect, not easier. Your rear takes at least as many heads as your front, or don't even bother.

    As to how many heads are...
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    Re: A sad day

    Bingo. I am never surprised at these stories, and it's always a Belscort.

    The "stupid" ones are the Belscort product designers who keep putting important controls on the top of an RD that should...
  20. Re: Cop issues ticket for warning others of speed trap

    That is the definition of "selfish"... genius.[/QUOTE]
    There is sometimes a fine line between "selfish" and self preservation. I agree with not doing anything stupid to call attention to yourself. ...
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    Re: Laser Interceptor Porsche 997 turbo

    This is exactly what I am saying. That's why I am so confused by those like cVr, who keep talking like none of the above ever happens up there.

    Come on, Bro. You know how absolutely irrelevant...
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    Re: Laser Interceptor Porsche 997 turbo

    You are a gentleman for saying so. Much respect, and apologies for the attitude.
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    Re: How is Veil legal???

    TVG is right on. A very nice job can be done with Veil on a plate, but it's a risk. If you mess it up, it can be very hard to undo. Plus, we've had members pulled over for plate covers, and get...
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    Re: Laser Interceptor Porsche 997 turbo

    "And then" makes it a whole nother question than what I was addressing. It's an either/or situation. One of those two situations (curve/hilltop/overpass or off-road angle) exists in the vast...
  25. Re: Jammers class b misdemeanor? Texas Federal Law violation?

    Traffic unit, no. Everyone else, yes.[/QUOTE]
    This sounds like something a county deputy or constable would do, not a DPD officer, even if he is traffic unit. Guys that are that into the job don't...
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