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    Default V1 install using visor mount (not visor)

    Here's how I mounted my V1 radar detector. Maybe others will get ideas of what to do (or not to do) with their detectors regardless of the brand.

    Suction cup mounts look clean, but the don't work for me. I always take my V1 with me so the mount has to be sturdy (for repeated removals and insertions) and I don't want to have any of the mount come with me to make the V1 even bigger.

    So I did what I've done in my past cars. Remove the suction cups from the mount, use the holes to bolt the mount to home made mount and then bolt that mount to the car. I also try to modify the cars as little as possible.

    In the pictures you can see what I came up with. It is a metal plate bent to put the V1 at the correct angle. It is held in place by the sun visor mount. The plate is big enough to spread the load of the V1 over a larger area of the roof for stability and to not tear into the roof. The sun visor still works, but the downward movement is more limited than stock due to bumping into the V1.

    I would have liked to put the V1 closer to the windshield, but the further away you get from the visor mount, the more stress you are putting on it. If I need to reinforce the mount, it is possible to drill a hole and put another screw under where the visor mount is, but so far this seams sturdy.

    With the visor up you can't see the power cord. It would be nice to tuck it away, but since the visor is almost always up, it hasn't bothered me much.

    Note: these pictures are old and my current V1 is a newer model and doesn't have the bottom buldge of the one pictured.
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    Default Re: V1 install using visor mount (not visor)

    Nice install mate - well done! Will look into it myself. Thanks.

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    Default Re: V1 install using visor mount (not visor)

    I forgot the picture of the remote display. I like it because it is near the speedometer. I don't like that it can be seen from outside the car but ... I always take my V1 with me, so I hope no one sees the remote display and thinks the V1 is hidden in the car.
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    Default Re: V1 install using visor mount (not visor)

    nice install bro i want to do one like that but i got that blue sun tint stuff in my windshild so i cant i got to use the Suckion cups

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    Default Re: V1 install using visor mount (not visor)

    nice install i wish i can do this lol

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    Default Re: V1 install using visor mount (not visor)

    Netsfan549, it is easier than you think.

    1. See if it is possible to mount to that spot on your car. If so, continue.

    2. Take some cardboard and make a template. You can install the cardboard in place by securing it under the visor clip.

    3. Then hold the detector and suctions cup clip (without the cups) up to the cardboard and bend the cardboard to where the detector will sit properly and level. The cardboard won't hold the bend, you just want to see if you have the cardboard cut to the correct size (length) and to get and idea of how much bending you will need to do.

    4. Go to the hardware store and buy a metal light switch wall plate (yep, that's the secret )

    5. Make one cut in the plate cutting it to the size (length) you need (you want to leave the other 3 sides in their nice finished (rolled) state. File the cut side so it is smooth. The cut side will be facing the windshield.

    6. Now cut out the part in the plate where the light switch wold stick out making it just big enough so you can install it under the cars visor clip.

    7. Using the cardboard that you bent, mark the "bend" spot on the switch plate.

    8. Put the switch plate in a vise (use some wood to not mark up the plate) and bend it little by little. Check it buy putting it in the car and holding the detector up to it so you know it is level. When that is done ...

    9. Mark the spot where the detector holder will attach to the plate and drill holes in the plate. Use screws, lock washers and nuts to secure the V1 mount to your plate.

    10. Test fit/mount everything one more time.

    11. When it fits in place with no more adjustments or bending needed, prime and paint your plate to look good with your headliner. Let it dry and install it for the last time.

    Easy .

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    Default Re: V1 install using visor mount (not visor)

    Great mount!

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    Default Re: V1 install using visor mount (not visor)

    I always love new ideas!!!! Thanks!

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    Default Re: V1 install using visor mount (not visor)

    <-------------I like my install

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    Default Re: V1 install using visor mount (not visor)

    nice install!!



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